In the following schedule, all times are in Israel Standard Time (UTC+2). For example, 10:00 IST = 0:00 PST = 9:00 CET = 21:00 NZDT.  
Morning sessions start at 10:00 IST; this fits time zones from New Zealand to Western Europe.
Afternoon sessions start at 17:00 IST (except for the opening session, which starts at 16:30); this fits time zones from India to Western USA.

There are three poster sessions, starting 10:00, 0:00 and 17:00 IST.

Talks (both in-person and online) will be broadcast live on zoom. They will also be recorded, edited and uploaded to the website.

Links to online sessions will be sent to registered participants only.

For a short color-coded version of the schedule see here.

For a playlist of the videos of all the talks see here.

Week 1:
Monday to Thursday, Jan. 10-13 (one in-person day, the rest online)

Monday, Jan. 10 (in-person)

  • 16:30-16:40
    Opening remarks
  • 16:40-17:30
    Noga Alon: The Polynomial Method  (abstract)(slides)(video)
  • 17:40-18:30
    Stuart Margolis: Cell Complexes, Poset Topology and the Representation Theory of Algebras Arising in Algebraic Combinatorics and Discrete Geometry  (abstract)(slides)(video)
  • 18:40-19:30
    Alex Lubotzky: The C^3 Problem: Error-Correcting Codes with a Constant Rate, Constant Distance, and Constant Locality  (abstract)(slides)(video)               

Tuesday, Jan. 11 (online)

Wednesday, Jan. 12 (online)

Thursday, Jan. 13 (online)

Week 2: Monday to Thursday, Jan. 17-20 (online)

Monday, Jan. 17 (online)

Tuesday, Jan. 18 (online)

Wednesday, Jan. 19 (online)

Thursday, Jan. 20 (online)